'Appellation non-contrôlée' !

by Jeremy Hobbs for Oxfam France


About my fundraiser

Oxfam Trailwalker 2010,

Team 'Appellation non-contrôlée' walked 100km in 25 hours and 13 minutes through the beautiful Parc du Morvan in France, all for Oxfam Trailwalker. WHY?!! Because they believe that by working together we can make a real difference in the fight against poverty and injustice.

Thank you so much for all your support along the way,
Jeremy and team

The Auction on 10 June raised 560 Euros.


'Why am I doing Trailwalker? Firstly I am doing Trailwalker in France because I really want Oxfam France to succeed with its first ever big fundraising event. It is a great organisation, with fantastic staff, working with very few resources. For a small organisation it has a lot of impact and I am really happy to have been involved in it becoming part of Oxfam International. So I want to help build Oxfam France and support the work they are doing. Secondly I have been in Oxfam for a long time but never done a Trailwalker. I introduced it in Australia over ten years ago where it now raises millions but I have never participated. Trailwalker is a great event and I would like to be part of it.'

'After a 15-year rest, I really look forward to attempting Trailwalker again, principally because of my belief that Oxfam does a great job in addressing the causes of poverty. Second, Trailwalker is a celebration of our precious environment, and both the practice walks in the country parks of Hong Kong as well as the actual event in a beautiful part of France will take me deeper into the quiet of nature. Third, there is no better way to stay young and healthy in body and mind than a 100 km walk now and again. Lastly, working as a team and supporting one another is a great experience and builds unshakeable friendships.'

'Reason I am doing Trailwalker? I have unfinished business! Last year I had to pull out at 90km, and I believe that determination and perseverance is the only way to overcome life's challenges - including the big ones that Oxfam is dealing with; poverty, climate change - so I am back for a second round!'

'Lured in by the suggestion of fine whiskey, weather and company...and because I thought why the hell not?'

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